The most freguently asked question I get is,
“Why do you shoot film?”


Film handles light in a way digital never can.  I can flood an image with light and get that magical glow without losing the detail of the scenery around us.  The dynamic range from light to dark is so much wider with film and no digital sensor can ever match that.  Film also forces me to slow down and really see each image I am capturing.  For me, this means every single image holds more importance, is more spontaneous and real and simply matters more.  I’m not just clicking the shutter hoping to catch something good.  Before you worry that this means I will miss things that are happeneing around me at your wedding, it doesn’t.  Since I dont have an LCD on the back of my camera to distract me, I am more aware of the spontaneous laughter of your bridal party, that kiss you just snuck in the corner, and that groomsman demonstrating his break dance skills (seriously, this happens way more than you’d expect).  Film simply helps me to create the best images I can.